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What are my kittens?


I have two kittens - Elphaba, a female ginger tabby who is (at this moment) almost 17 weeks old, and Sodpot, a male black and white 'tuxedo cat' who is almost 15 weeks old.

I'm wondering what they've got in them.  They've very different from each other, even when you account for the slight age difference.

I got the kittens eight weeks ago from a shelter.  I was initially only going to get one, but they were both so adorable that I couldn't decide.  Best indecision EVER.  They play with each other, keep each other amused when I'm at work, and they're both so funny and cute that I can't imagine life without them now.  I'm dying to know what they're going to end up looking like as adults.

At the moment, Sodpot is the apparently smaller of the two - until you pick them up.  They weigh about the same, but Elphaba appears physically much bigger.  She is taller and lankier than Sodpot, who is short and stocky.  She seems more delicate and agile, where he seems quite robust and boof-like.  Their faces are completely different.  It's fascinating.

Elphaba is more of a loner than Sodpot, but that said, she loves her cuddles... on her terms.  Sodpot is quite happy to snuggle anytime, anywhere.  He's also a bit more violent than Elphaba - he can be a bit of a biter, which I'm trying to stop him from doing.  He fears nothing, she's a total coward.  They're chalk and cheese.

So, without further ado, here are some pictures:

Little boy face.

And again, more recently.

A dear little boy, a few weeks ago.

He's grown a bit!  Taken today.

Take a load off!

Size comparison several weeks ago.

The lovely Elphaba, a few weeks ago.

And more recently.

On a chair.


Is this my good side?
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