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Roane and Solstice

First up: Roane
I adopted Roane from a co-worker, whose cat had kittens. I don't know what her parents looked like. Roane has very large ears, a superlong tail and extra toes on her front paws. Her voice is loud, and she uses it a lot...mostly when she's upset. She detests dogs and is fiercely protective of herself, and, sometimes, us and our other cats. She loves playing fetch, and her favorite toys are strips of paper, milk cap rings and other twirly things. She loves to curl up on our laps, but only if it's her choice. Otherwise, she doesn't really like to be picked up/held, although she never bites or scratches us. She can, however, get aggressive with other animals, and she hisses and spits at dogs. Her purr is very soft, almost inaudible. She loves being petted and arches her back in happiness. She's our most graceful cat, almost elegant.

baby picture

Next: Solstice
We adopted Solstice from a rescue. She was saved from a kill shelter and brought to our state to find a home. We suspect she spent some time on the streets before she ended up in the shelter. Her ears are kind of unusual; I call them bat ears. She is the most loving cat I've ever encountered. Her purr is loud and never stops, even when she's sleeping. Her voice is high, and she likes to talk to ask for food, pettings, attention, or sometimes she's just singing. :) She's pretty easygoing with dogs and with life, in general. She has a bad habit of drinking water from the goldfish bowl, and she loves to jump onto high places, like the tops of the kitchen cabinets and the refrigerator. She loves being picked up, held, cuddled, and she always wants to be near us. Definitely a lap cat. But, more than anything else, SHE LOVES FOOD.

Thanks in advance for looking at the photos and for commenting with any ideas as to their breeds. :)
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