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kinda cat is that?

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WTF kinda cat is that?

All cat owners love their cats. I hope. But your cat does not have to be pedigree to be loved. This community is for cat owners who have no idea WTF kinds of cats mated over the past several decades to form the kitty they open the cans for today.

WTF are the rules?

1.) Post a clear, well-lit picture of your cat. If you have more than one cat, please choose separate pictures. Post as many pics as your heart desires! But please LJ-cut any pictures over 300x300 pixels.
2.) Give your cat's name, and any information you'd like to share, including--but not limited to--age, personality, how you came across your little fuzzy friend.
3.) Members reply to pictures of our community cats with guesses as to one of the breeds from which your cat derives. There is no limit on the amount of breeds associated with your cat.
4.) This is NOT a cat rating community. All cats are cute (except ugly ones) and all cats are wonderful (even the nasty meanies). We're not here to judge... well, we ARE here to judge, but only on the breed. Please don't make any negative comments as to the apearance of someone's cat, and if you see any offensive behavior, please let me (tomothecat know. Violators of this term will result in not being invited to my, or my cat's, birthday party. Violators will also be publicly judged by a jury of their peers and may be tarred and catnipped.