Nikkicub! (nikkicub) wrote in wtf_kinda_cat,

WTF One: Dominic

I have two cats... so, I thought I'd start with Doom.

Name: Dominic, aka The Doom. Named for Dominic Deegan.
Age: Four on June 9
Color/Coat: Black with white tuft on the chest. Had phantom stripes as a kitten, but grew out of it. (Was quite an ugly dark grey kitten at that.) Short, but with noticable tufts of longer hair inside his ears. Very fine and silky--he's the softest cat I've ever encountered, and even vets have remarked on his texture.
Eyes: Green-gold. Rather round, but with a very slight tilt.
Build: Tall and broad. Not especially long; a sort of square, boxy cat without actually being cobby. Weighs about thirteen pounds. Pantherlike overall.
Voice: Soft and creaky. He's not very talktative, but he will respond to his name. Occasionally, he tries to meow and nothing comes out. A very loud purr for me, but very soft for anyone else.
Personality: When he was a kitten, only I could handle him without him getting upset. However, he now loves attention. Friendly and affectionate--greets me at the door and is always sitting beside me. Tries to groom people he likes. Protective of me--he'll ignore new cats unless they make threatening noises at me(and only me--he doesn't care if they threaten my housemates). Will not extend his claws if I am touching him, though with anyone else he doesn't care. e.e Very intelligent, usually in inconvenient ways.

So--what kind of DOOM have I brought upon myself?

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