Nikkicub! (nikkicub) wrote in wtf_kinda_cat,

WTF Two: Caspian

And now for Cat #2!

Name: Caspian, aka Moogle
Age: Just turned one
Color/Coat: White, no markings. The fur on his forehead grows in the shape of a tabby "m", though. Shorthair, but his coat is uneven--he has some parts longer than others, especially on his back, so he looks slightly scruffy no matter what.
Eyes: The right is blue, the left green. Definite tilt--his eyes and nose for a triangle.
Build: Long and thin, but not tall. He's not a Munchkin at all, but he does look slightly disproportionate. A rather narrow face with a long nose.
Voice: LOUD. Ranges from chirps to wails, and he is VERY vocal. Probably part Siamese or Oriental Shorthair--his voice is THAT obnoxious, as well as his face being long and lean.
Personality: Erratic. Usually sweet and affectionate and loves to be held, but prone to amazing tantrums if he doesn't get his way or is in an unfamiliar situation. Dependant--he's part deaf, and if he can't figure out where a noise is or where we are calling him from, he plops and wails for help. Knows the rules, but breaks them to see how long it'll take us to notice. Suckling tendency. Midnight Crazies at any given moment. Avid Bedmouse hunter.

You can see his 'tabby tufts' pretty well here.

Triangle face!

You can sort of see the unevenness in his coat here.

ETA: Holy crap, I was poking around the site someone directed me to for my Dominic entry, and the Second Best In Breed for Japanese Bobtail looks just like Caspian as far as shape and expression. Only difference is markings and the fact that my Moogle is longtailed.
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